Ever since I was a little girl, I've had an unrelenting curiosity in every trade; dreams of swimming with dolphins as a marine biologist and unearthing archaeological sites in Egypt and teaching English in Japan. In second grade of elementary school, I thought college was what heaven must be and couldn't wait to go and explore. And then I actually went to heaven. With so many dreams and so little time, I hopped from interest to interest, first majoring in architecture then in 3D animation while dabbling in graphic design on the side. My first job out of college plummeted me into the world of fashion and beauty advertising where I focused on copywriting.

Alas, here I am now. A global experimentation lead within IBM's analytics and data practice helping over 5,000 marketers create more meaningful, data-driven web experiences through A/B testing and personalization. 

Suman Patnaik
Professional dabbler and armchair traveler

p.s. feel free to contact me at s.patnaik.1221@gmail.com. I'm available for collaborations and freelance work.